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Name: Andreea Ion Cojocaru & Benjamin Bach
Gründungsjahr: 2017
Ort: Tuttlingen
Anzahl Mitarbeiter: >5
Motto: Engineering Reality
Geschäftsidee/Modell: NUMENA is an award winning creative studio that develops Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) applications. Our interdisciplinary team combines programming and architecture to create immersive virtual experiences. At the core of NUMENA lies a fascination with the intersection between 3D space,technology, and human experience. Each project is a unique exploration of this intersection. The team, comprised of programmers, architects and artists, is fluent in a wide range of software and creative mediums covering coding, architecture, parametric design, 3D modeling, computer vision, gaming and graphics. NUMENA‘s design and testing methods span from hand-made cardboard models to complex virtual simulations. “NUMENA”? What on earth is a noumenon Immanuel Kant coined two terms that come in handy when talking about reality: phenomenon and noumenon. A phenomenon is something we can access through our senses like the shape, color or smell of an object. A noumenon, by contrast, is something that human beings are not equipped to perceive. Noumena, in the plural form, may or may not exist. Digital objects, such as digital files, are also invisible to the naked eye. We can only access them through an intermediary such as a computer screen or virtual reality goggles. We think that Kant, had digital objects existed in the 18th century, might have loosely referred to them as noumena. Thus NUMENA (yes, we dropped the ‘o’).
Webseite: www.numena.de