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STYRA Technologies

Name: Julian Schulz
Gründungsjahr: 2019
Ort: Stuttgart
Anzahl Mitarbeiter: 3 Gründer, 1 Mitarbeiter
Motto: To be the fabric of omnipresent cross-ledger payments on the open web for everyone
Geschäftsidee/Modell: STYRA is Europe’s first Interledger solutions provider enabling interoperability between various payment systems all over the world and sourcing on-demand liquidity for those payment systems. We are a fast growing and also funded High-Tech start-up that is leading the way towards interoperability in global payments.
Gründergeschichte: Due to his Nigerian roots, Ernest Eze, Co-founder of STYRA Technologies has gained a lot of experience in international payments from Germany to Nigeria. So far money transfer to Nigeria has been uncertain, time consuming and expensive. On average, transaction fees to Africa still amount to 8,7 percent. While working together at GFT Technologies, Ernest Eze and his former colleague Julian Schulz found STYRA Technolgies to make international payments safer and cheaper. In the meantime the number of team members increased by one more founder Martin Lowinski and one employee.
Webseite: styra.co